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the music for the love you wish you had

SEBA! THE QUEEN is the first EP released by Vincent Bugozi, where you will discover his romantic journey of finding the one. The EP is a mixture of Reggae and Pop music, with great influences of East African rhythms and full of good vibes!

the story behind

the queen

Something you should know for sure, vincent bugozi

is a very romantic african man and the ep

sebai! the queen is all about romance.


the stories of how you meet the woman of your life or those moments you love somebody so much so you want to take them back to your continent, in this case africa! inspired the making of the songs in the ep

sebai! the queen.


the EP is a heavily influenced by Pop, Jazz, Reggae

and afro-beat.

Live Music Concert Nambucca

Vincent Bugozi after his headline show at Nambucca, London

- the music for the love you wish you had-

full EP out 26-march-2021

seba! the queen

filippa - 06/11/2020

Filippa is a reggae influenced track. The story behind the song Filippa is one of a kind. When Vincent moved to sweden he found himself in a completely new environment compared to his home country Tanzania. Culture and language barriers made it hard for Vincent Bugozi to make new friends. But during a school dance party a girl named Filippa asked the young Bugozi for a dance which ended with a Kiss which Vincent would never forget. Filippa was the first girl Vincent kissed and the first woman Vincent Bugozi fell in love with. 

tuende - 08/1/2021

Tuende is a pop track heavy influenced by African High life melodies and rhythm. Tuende it all about Good times and party vibes. The word “Tunede” is a Swahilian word which means Lets go. This is a perfect track to sing along while getting ready for Party times.

lucy - 14/02/2021

The story behind Lucy is an interesting one. Lucy was written after a lucid dream Vincent Bugozi once had. In the dream Lucy was a girl which Vincent Bugozi was deeply in love with, but because of her previous experience and constantly being let down by so many guys she lost “hope” for love. Vincent is trying to make the broken hearted Lucy see that there is still hope for love. There is no clear ending of the song because Vincent woke up just before getting an answer. What do you think? Will Lucy ever love again?

-BONUS TRACKS- mah behbah & the one

The two extra tracks in the EP SEBA! The Queen are Love letters written to women Vincent Bugozi loves the most. My Behbah is a slow Reggae influenced track of 5 minutes expressing your love to the one you love the most and telling them how much you want to take them back to Africa. In African culture taking your wife back to your heritage or “home” and meet your parents is a sign of how much you love somebody. So if a guy wants to take back a woman to Africa is invitation for marriage. The one is a heavy afro-beat influenced track about “The One”.

influences and creative process

from his early childhood, vincent was very inspired and moved by the music played on his hometown in tanzania. like most african countries, tanzania is known for its rhythms and culture. the music is very rhythmic and bright and you can hear this in vincent bugozi's EP too.


growing in europe introduced vincent bugozi to many different western genres such us pop, rock and jazz. soon he started blending his east african heritage with the new found western rythms creating his unique sound of today.


vincent bugozi biggest music influences are james brown and michael jackson and he is also heavily influenced by more modern artist like bruno mars, maroon 5 and old african artists like felakuti, papa wembe and loketo.  


vincent bugozi

Vincent Bugozi is an African Artist based in London. He is originally from Tanzania, where he grew listening to tradinional East African tribes and their rythms.

At a young age he moved to Sweden, where he got exposed to different western music genres like jazz, pop and rock. He then decided to start his formal education in music. After graduating from a music college he felt that there would be much more opportunities for his music to thrive elsewhere.

He took the first flight to London where he started his bachelor degree in music where he found himself surrounded various musicians from different cultures and backgrounds. This is where he created his formal team which he currently performs and travel with.

The team behind The artist Vincent Bugozi consist of 7 instrumentalists and 2 backing vocalists, including bass, guitars, percussion, saxophone and more. A group of young aspiring musicians joining forces in order to bring high energetic performances and support Vincent Bugozi to bring the African sun Live in London.

Vincent Bugozi is known for being a very energetic & entertaining performer. You can see the inspiration from big legendary personalities and performers like James Brown, Felakuti and Michael Jackson in his performances and music, but also the music has that modern fresh pop vibes like Bruno mars, Maroon 5 and MAGIC! This makes his sound and songs very catchy, likeable and easy to sing along to.


contact info


PHONE: +44 7459944965


@VincentBugozi on all social media platforms 

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